Kenroku-en Garden, Ishikawa, Japan


Kenrokuen Garden is a beautiful Japanese garden with an area of 11.4 hectares located on the heights of the central part of Kanazawa and next to Kanazawa Castle. From its scale and beauty, it is regarded as one of the most beautiful feudal lords' gardens in Japan.

Kenrokuen Garden has a big artificial pond, and hills and houses are dotted in the garden. Visitors can appreciate the whole, dropping in at them. Kenrokuen, which means "having six factors", was given the name because of the six attributes that bring out the perfect landscape of the garden:


spaciousness (ruimtelijkheid) and tranquility (rust)

artifice (kunstmatigheid) and antiquity (oudheid)

water source (waterbron)  and magnificent view (prachtig, heerlijk, grandioos zicht).